$30,000 REACHED in our Match Challenge.
Thank you to everyone who donated!






Twenty six years ago, Zelda Dubin made a generous donation to ensure there would be a local resource center for families of individuals living with dementia in southwest Florida. To continue her legacy, the Dubin Fund announced a $30,000 Match Challenge! This means that your gift will be matched, up to a total of $30,000, to help the center continue to fulfill its mission to achieve caregiver health, strength and resilience.

Anyone can get caregiver stress, but the National Alliance for Caregiving says women are more susceptible than men. Those who are responsible for helping someone with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or a debilitating illness are also at a high risk of developing their own medical issues. These responsibilities can affect the quality of caregivers’ sleep and impede their ability to relax and unwind.

There are an estimated 25,000 families caring for an individual living with dementia in Lee County alone. These matching gifts will support teaching caregivers Savvy Caregiver and Dealing with Dementia which help families understand the disease and how to handle the behaviors that come with a diagnosis of dementia while developing habits of self-care and stress management to avoid caregiver burnout and keep the caregiver healthy.

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