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who can be a voting member?

Any individual who makes an annual contribution of $100.00 or more shall be considered an individual member.  Any agency, departments of government, business, civic, religious, or other organizations who makes an annual contribution of $500.00 or more shall be a member.  Eligibility for voting at the annual meeting shall be all those members who made a qualifying contribution during the preceding calendar year.  

Each agency, department of government, business, civic, religious or other organization who is a member shall be entitled to appoint one delegate member to vote.  Each individual who is a member shall have one vote.

What are voting members’ responsibilities?

A Voting Member has two main responsibilities:

  1. electing the Board of Trustees; and
  2. providing information, assistance, and guidance in carrying out the objectives of the corporation

How do I find out if I qualify to be a member?

To confirm your status and update your contact information, please email info@DubinCenter.com or call the center (239) 437-3007.

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