Savvy Caregiver Training

A 6-week, evidence-based course designed to help you become a more confident caregiver.

Dealing with Dementia

An engaging 2-week and interactive training program offered to family caregivers.

Social Work Consultation

First-time coming to the center? Meet one-on-one with a Social Worker to see what community resources are available for your unique situation


A variety of groups for caregivers/ individuals living with dementia to participate in group discussion in a safe, confidential environment.

Social Engagements

Social opportunities for caregivers and individuals living with dementia at the center and in the community.


FAQs, Videos and documents to help you navigate the challenges of being a caregiver.

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Our mission is to achieve caregiver health, strength and resilience by providing education, information, hope and compassion.

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“My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago and of course our lives have changed tremendously. One thing I realize is that I “like”my husband as much as I “love” him and we will go day to day with this powerful disease. Yes, my husband has Alzheimer’s but I try not to sweat the little things anymore. Those little imperfections in our lives just do not matter. I really don’t think about the little things that could spoil our day. I concentrate on living our lives as happy as we did and laughing as much as possible each day! That’s what is important…not wasting time on the unimportant things. I smile every time I think about him!”

Pat Anderson, The Dubin Center Caregiver and loving wife

I wrote this poem (click here to read) to creatively express my overwhelming emotions of grief. I am in hope that this will help others to deal with their own grief of a spouse especially through dementia.

Sandy, The Dubin Center Caregiver

For anyone dealing with dementia, whether it be the person diagnosed or their loved ones, having an organization like The Dubin Center to help navigate and cope with this life-changing reality is invaluable. It’s been a while since Maria’s diagnosis so, as expected, our situation and needs are ever changing. The Dubin Center has been there for us since our initial interaction with them. For their vital support we return the favor by supporting the work they are doing for the whole community.

Dan Moser & Maria de Leon
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