Support Group Schedule

The Caregiver Support Groups here at The Dubin Center allow Caregivers to learn effective coping strategies, share their current challenges and successes with others who are facing similar situations, and create a safe space to release their feelings in a loving and understanding environment. All groups are facilitated by one of our Certified Dementia Support Group Facilitators.

We are always happy to follow up with information about questions that arise during the meeting. Each group meeting is unique, depending on the needs of those present, but they have some common elements:

  1. Everyone gets a chance to speak.
  2. Challenges are shared and emotions are validated.
  3. Suggestions are shared if they are asked for.
  4. No one sits in judgment on anyone else’s experience.
  5. Sometimes there are tears, but there is always some laughter, too.

If you have questions about attending a support group, please contact us at (239) 437-3007 or

  • In Person Meetings
  • Zoom Meetings

Due to Hurricane Ian many of our caregivers have been displaced and are unable to attend support groups in person. We have added an option to zoom into the support groups that are hosted in person at the center. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Click the zoom link under the support group description to join any meeting via Zoom.

Memory Catchers
Memory Catchers

An engaging social activity held for those living with advanced stages of a dementia-related illness, while caregivers meet separately for their own support group meeting.

RSVP required, call 239-437-3007.

This support group is brought to you by:

Apart Not Alone

This is a support group for caregivers who have placed their loved ones in an assisted living or a memory care facility.

Meeting ID: 207 997 7158

General Support Group

The general support group is open to all caregivers. Click the date below to view where the class will be held.

Savvy Support

Caregiver support group for caregivers who have completed the Savvy Caregiver six-week training.

We meet in person at the Dubin Center.

Early Stage Support Group

This support group is for those in the early stages of Dementia who are comfortable sharing their experiences with the diagnosis and want to talk with others in a group setting. It also includes a separate support group for caregivers that meets at the same time in another room at the Dubin Center.

Grief Support
Grief Support Group

Grief Support Group is for caregivers who have recently lost loved ones.

FTD Support Group

FTD caregiver support group is led by an AFTD-affiliated facilitator who has received additional FTD training.

Before attending your first group please contact group facilitator Dan Moser at 239-334-6417 or

Men as Caregivers

Support group open to men who are caregivers to someone with dementia. Meetings are in person at the Dubin Center. 

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