A Successful 25th Annual Celebration

We are excited to announce our Platinum Level Sponsor!

Maria De Leon
Maria’s always been artistic in many ways. Over the 35 years we’ve been together (30 year anniversary this Oct 20th!) I’ve seen her create beautiful stained glass pieces, reupholster our furniture, crochet and knit, and sketch and draw too many pictures to count. I’ve kept dozens of sketches she’s added to notes and greeting cards she made for me. But Maria’s experience with painting was limited until I found Doug MacGregor’s “Arts in Healthcare / Art by the disAbled” program at Lee Health.

Once she began volunteering there, she began creating at least one ceiling tile per session, ceiling tiles that grace the patient waiting areas of Lee Memorial Hospital’s radiology and outpatient lab. Between those and the many other paintings she’s done for Doug’s program – and three for Dubin’s “Brushstrokes from the Soul” – her creations now number over 130. I believe that along with her speech therapy, exercise, word and number games, jigsaw puzzles, card games, and doting over our cats, all of which she engages in on a daily basis, sketching and painting has undoubtedly been an important element that’s allowed Maria to thrive and enjoy life even while her frontotemporal dementia progresses, albeit at a slower pace than would otherwise be the case.

Her self-motivation and positive attitude are key factors as well. As Maria’s spouse and caregiver I couldn’t ask for more as we both deal with her devastating and cruel condition.”

    Dan Moser, husband and caregiver

Images clockwise from left: Blissful Kiss, Art on the Beach, Arts in Healthcare