Jan and Riley the Savvy Caregiver Teachers

Season is coming to an end and summer is coming. Here are some tips by our Savvy Caregiver instructors, Jan and Riley
Items to bring:

  • Fidget toys, magazines, or other things your person can use to stay busy while traveling
  • Pack plenty of snacks and water
    o Flying can cause dehydration, ensure your person is drinking water
  • Updated copies of Power of Attorney documents
  • Bring a picture of the destination or a picture of the family you will be visiting
  • Pack a recent photograph or have one readily available on your phone
  • Bring a change of clothes, wet wipes and adult diapers in case of an accident

Caregiving Considerations and Tips:

  • Maintain your person’s daily routine as best as you can
  • If flying, call the airline ahead of time to inform them your person has dementia, see what ac-commodations they can make to make the traveling process as smooth as possible
  • Make a fun music playlist for the long drive and reminisce about the songs with your person
  • Be aware of the warning signs that your person may be anxious, agitated, or uncomfortable
  • If your person does become anxious or agitated while you are driving, pull over to the side of the road and allow them time to relax and calm down
  • Stay close by your person at the airport and ensure they have some sort of identification on them in case they become lost
  • Include rest periods during long travel days
  • Consider past travel experiences, if they have never been on a plane, now would not be a good time to start
  • Make sure your person is using the toilet every two hours
  • When planning the day, only provide two or three choices and be prepared to let go of any plans if your person is having a bad day
  • Keep expectations realistic
  • In you are visiting a new place, your person may not understand where you are going or why
  • Consider having more than one care partner share your responsibilities, ask family for help and support
  • Try to travel during less busy times
  • Make sure your person wears slip on shoes at the airport and allow sufficient time to get through airport

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